May 27, 2019

Let's talk hormonal.  I know the "H" word freaks out a lot of us.  It is associated with mood swings, unstable emotional states, irritability.  There's even talks about being emotional is the end of your career in the corporate world.  Yet hormones are crucial, without it, we cannot function.  Understanding our hormonal changes is key to get our emotions in check.

Our body ebbs and flows just like nature.  In nature, nothing stays still, and nothing is absolutely straight.  Our hormone level changes due to the cyclical nature of our body in response to the cycles of the environment (affected by the earth and the moon) we live in, as well as other factors like stress level, nutrient intake, exercise, rest and toxin build up.  Listening to our body, and understand the signalling. There are many variables at play here.  And supplement with herbs to support the healing. Of course, don't just blindly follow that podcast you heard the other day, which convinced you ashwagandha will solve all of your problems and your next door neighbours'.  Do you own research and consult with your integrative doctors.

Here, I want to talk about a few mushrooms that has potentially to help you ease through those monthly cycles. 

1. To support mensuration and PMS.

Periods.  We go through thousands of periods in our lifetime, and it takes a few to really get a hang of it.  Some of us takes more trial and error than others.  Menstruations starts in absence of pregnancy.  Our progesterone and estrogen levels drop, and the moodiness starts.  And here is where Reishi comes in as an adaptogen, to help you mediate the stress of hormonal level changes, and assist in bring back the balance.  In an in vitro study,  extracts from Red Reishi is found to behave estrogen-like.  Therefore, helping our body to balance out that drop in some hormones and alleviate the symptoms of the change, such as PMS. 

Inflammation.  During our mensural cycle, we often feel bloated, and we basically gain 2 sizes in water retention.  Both Reishi and Turkey Tail has anti-inflammation properties, according to many studies.  Both mushrooms are also hepatoprotective, and therefore supports liver function, and helps with metabolising and detoxification.  Because of their liver protective attributes, Reishi and Turkey Tail also helps our body to eliminate harmful hormones like xeno-estrogen.  Xeno-estrogens are synthetic hormones present in beauty products, sunscreen, plastic bottles and many foods, which are toxic to our body.

Immunity.  Many of us have also experienced a lowered immune system during our periods, where we get sick more easily.  Both Reishi and Turkey Tail are proven to be great immunomodulators, which would give our immune systems a needed boost.  

2. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS)

PCOS is a stubborn problems many girls have.  Simply speaking, PCOS happens when there is a higher level of male hormone than normal in a female body.  It is definitely a more extreme case of hormonal imbalance.  And those who suffer from PCOS often experience irregular or no periods, heavy flows, painful periods, unwanted hair growth, sever acnes around jaw lines and could even lead to infertility. 

Reishi has anti-adrogen effects, where bioactive compounds in Reishi are proven to inhibit testosterone.  And therefore, help balance the hormone levels, and ease the symptoms of PCOS.  

Insulin resistance is main feature of PCOS, and  Maitake helps to improve insulin resistance.  A preliminary Japanese study done on 80 patients proved Maitake extracts may induce ovulation and can be useful as an adjunctive treatment for patients who failed traditional therapies using only Clomiphere Citrate.  The study treated patients with Maitake extracts (MSX) and Clomiphene Citrate (CC).  In patients only given MSX, 20 out of 26 were successfully induced to ovulate, in comparison to 29 out of 31 patients only given CC.  In patients who have tried and failed CC treatment, combining MSX together with CC showed 100% effectiveness in inducing ovulation.  Make yourself some Maitake soup regularly can help you combat PCOS related problems!

Our body is a sensitively complex system.  Listen to your body, give these mushrooms a try, and let us know if you feel your body change. 


Recipe for our fav cup of: 

PMS busting elixir

1 cup warm Oatly Barista 
1 cup hot water
1/2 tsp Reishi mushroom powder
1/2 tsp Turkey Tail mushroom powder
1/2 tsp Maitake mushroom powder
1 tbs organic raw cacao
1 tsp raw honey (optional)
1 tsp organic ghee / cacao butter
1 pinch of cinnamon

Blend all ingredients in a blender, pulse on high for 5 seconds.  Pour into your favorite mug, sip and feel that PMS dissolve and ascend into Cacao heaven.




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