September 04, 2018

PSK and PSP, polysaccharides found in turkey tail are shown to improve immune function in patients under cancer treatments. Clinical trials are underway to solidify the study. 

O yes, I just mentioned the ‘C’ word. Calm down everyone, cancer isn’t a death sentence, so no need to freak out. Understanding cancer and the basic mechanisms are important in breaking this taboo. There are probably some cancer cells in your body as you read this post... 🤨😲🤔😱 Yes, I may be simplifying things, but cancer cells are just mutated cells. Due to various reasons, environmental or genetics, internal or external, cells mutate. Normally, that’s no biggie, your immune system sweeps up tones of abnormals cells everyday. It only becomes a problem when those cells start to multiply out of control. In a healthy, balanced human body, our immune system, which is our first line of defence, will handle this. But when our defence line is compromised, the cancer cells take over and our body becomes their breeding ground. By strengthening our immune system, we take matters into our own hands and better our chances at fighting cancer. 

As much as I live a healthy lifestyle, I know there are still ample risk factors around. For example, living in a modern polluted metropolitan and carrying a family history. I add Turkey tail extracts along with Reishi and Maitake to my daily routine to give me that extra boost. 

Everyday cancer fighting, which includes strengthening our immune system through living a holistic lifestyle, nourishing your mind/body/spirit complex is more important than ever.

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