The "PURIST", Mushroom Tea Exlir

June 04, 2019

The simplest way to enjoy functional mushrooms.
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Holyshrooms Wild Chaga anti-aging facemask

Put Chaga on Your Face - Chaga Anti-aging Face Mask

May 22, 2019

Our Wild Chaga powders are not just for eating.  It's also great for your face too. Due to Chaga's potent antioxidizing and immune boosting properties, this edible mask will help you calm inflamed skin and build continued resilience.
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Functional Mushroom Kimchi

Gut Health! Functional Kimchi

October 01, 2018

What is functional Kimchi? We got you covered, read all about Gut Health, Microbiome and Funciontal food here.  We also got a reciepe and step by step fail proof recipe.
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Reishi Turkey Tail Wild Greens Immune Boost Smoothie

Wild and Potent Green Smoothie Recipe

June 09, 2018

Summer time is the best to go out and forage some wild greens and make a potent smoothie to nourish your insides.  Wild foods contain dense phytonutrients that they developed to adapt to the environment.  Keep reading if you want to be as adaptable and resilient as that dandelion in your yard.
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