June 04, 2019

Mushroom soup, YUMMM!  Mushroom tea, WHAT?!

Forget about that boring cup of English breakfast.  It's time to take your tea game to the next level.  That beautiful artisan stoneware mug that you have lugged all the way from Japan deserves worthy content.  

We've been sharing some creative recipes, and we hoped you all enjoyed being your own alchemist and been trying this out in your kitchen alchemist lab.  Today we are going to Marie Condo the recipes with this "purist" mushroom tea.  So hug your Vitamix with thoughts of pure love and gratitude, and say good bye, temporarily.  Also take out all your staple smoothie ingredients, and thank each of them for serving you well.  

Mushroom tea doesn't contain any caffeine, so for those who are sensitive to Caffeine, give the following recipe a try.  Aside from their medicinal benefits, mushrooms contain a whole different variety of nutrients and minerals than your regular coffee or tea.  Upgrading your tea ritual is made easy.  Just like drinking tea, all you need is our mushroom power and hot water.  Drinking a pure cup of mushroom tea in the morning, gives you the best absorption of its functional benefits.  Today's tea recipe will be as simple as it can get, and this is how I love to drink my mushrooms on a daily basis.  


       1.5 cups hot water*

       2 tsp Holyshrooms Mushroom Extract 

       A dash of Oatly Barista (optional)

       (*use luke warm water with Tao of Shrooms)

How to:

Mix mushroom powder with hot water.  Before you drink it, take in all the aroma.  And describe to yourself mentally of what your impression of the smell is.  Then take a small sip, with the same procedure as you do in a wine tasting.  Let the tea coat your tastebuds gently.  Be mindful of all the flavours you taste, be it sweet, bitter, or astringent.  Maybe you will notice a hint of cacao, or a hint of malt, maybe even a hint of berry or smoked applewood.  At the same time, visualise in your minds eye, that the Lion's Mane is reaching your hippocampus and working hard on regenerating neurons. 🧠 

Please tell us your tasting result. keep it simple HolyshroomsThe point is, with all the fancy possible combinations of lattes, smoothies and deserts and functional dishes, it's good to keep it simple sometime.  



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