Tao of Shrooms extracted powder

  • Longevity | Balance | Vitality

    Our unique mushroom mix, Tao of Shrooms, contains some of the most prestigious medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbals together with vitamin C to provide synergistic benefits and optimal bioavailability. Tao of Shrooms is designed to balance your body and mind, and support your Jing and vitality in a sustainable manner.

  • + Wild harvested Chaga mushroom
    + Log grown Reishi mushroom
    + Wood grown Maitake, Shiitake and Lion’s Mane mushrooms
    + Cultivated Cordyceps M. mushroom
    + Wild harvested adaptogenic herbs
    + Organically cultivated rose hip with minimum 5% of natural Vitamin C
    + Dual extracted mushroom fruiting bodies
    + Hot water extracted adaptogenic herbs
    + Cold water extracted rose hip with natural Vitamin C
    + No fillers or carriers
    + Wild Grown or Organically Cultivated, Non-GMO, Vegan + Be sure to reuse the Miron Glass bottle

    Recommended Serving:
    • Start with ½ tsb, and work up to 1tsb (2 grams) per day.
    • Do not use boiling water / beverage to mix Tao of Shrooms to maintain product efficacy.  Vitamin C from Rose Hip is heat sensitive. Vitamin C works in conjunction with the medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs to deliver their medicinal properties.
    • Recommended daily serving should not be exceeded.

    * This product does not substitute for proper diet. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Statements in description have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • A jar of Tao of Shrooms medicinal mushroom and adaptogenic herb blend contains:
    • 4 grams of Chaga, Fruiting Body, Dual Extracted (40% Polysaccharides, 5% Polyphenols, 2.8% Triterpenes)
    • 4 grams of Cordyceps M., Fruiting Body, Dual Extracted (40% Polysaccharides, 0.5% Adenosine, 0.1% Cordycepin)
    • 4 grams of Maitake, Fruiting Body, Dual Extracted (35% Polysaccharides, 20% MD-Fraction)
    • 4 grams of Lion's Mane, Fruiting Body, Dual Extracted (35% Polysaccharides)
    • 4 grams of Reishi, Fruiting Body, Dual Extracted (35% Polysaccharides, 2% Triterpenes)
    • 4 grams of Shiitake, Fruiting Body, Dual Extracted (35% Polysaccharides)
    • 4 grams of Ginseng Root (8:1 Extraction)
    • 4 grams of Schisandra Fruit (12:1 Extraction)
    • 4 grams of Astragalus Root (20% Polysaccharides)
    • 4 grams of Eleuthero Root (0.8% Eleutheroside)
    • 4 grams of Rhodiola Root (12:1 Extraction)
    • 6 grams of Rose Hip (5% Natrual Vitamin C)

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