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IMPROVE SPORTS PERFORMANCE- Cordyceps can increase mitochondrial production of ATP.  Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the energy source for our body down to the cellular level.  Within each of our cells, mitochondria is the power plant that generates most of the ATP, and then use it as a source of chemical energy and together driving our bodily functions.  For this reason alone, cordyceps are a great boost for endurance and stamina and thus improve sports performance.  Cordyceps also promotes oxygen availability which could be another boost for sports performances as well as treating altitude sickness. 

ENHANCE IMMUNITY – Polysaccharides found in Cordyceps as well as other functional mushrooms have significant stimulating or moderating our immune system.  Further to that, Cordycepin, and Nucleosides found in both Cordyceps S and Cordyceps M, is a major category of compounds that contributes to Cordyceps’ healing properties.  Cordycepin is found to intensively regulate human immune cell functions, and also demonstrates antibacterial, antiviral and insecticidal properties.  And Nucleosides are the building blocks of DNA and RNA.  Other compounds such as exopolysaccharide fraction, CPS-1, CPS-2, H1-A, Cordyglucans, Ergosterol, monosacchride saponins all demonstrates levels immunomodulatory, antitumor, antioxidant properties which together helps our body to regulate its immune system in order to achieve homeostasis.

LOWER BLOOD SUGAR – Laboratory tests have been conducted worldwide on cordyceps healing properties.  And many studies have confirmed that cordyceps have blood sugar regulating properties.  Cordymin, which is a peptide isolated from cordyceps, showed antidiabetic properties in rats in a labatory test.  CS-F10 and CSP-1, polysaccharides isolated from cordyceps, has hypoglycaemic activity by stimulating the blood glucose metabolising, decrease insulin secretion and reduce oxidative stress.  CSP-1 works to stimulate the pancreas to release /reduce insulin, thus regulating blood sugar.  It is also used in treating renal (kidney) failure.

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