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Yes and No.  

Our processing facility is Organic Certified and we can provide your copies of the certification.  Our farms are in the process of acquiring the organic certification.  As you know, organic certification is costly and has a long tedious process, which we do not exactly support.  

Quality ingredient is the first thing we set out to find when creating Holy Shrooms.  We've been working with our suppliers for years, during which our team had helped to continuously improve the cultivation process.  All of the raw fungi that we use are either wild-harvested (sustainably) or organically cultivated.  And furthermore, even though our farms don't yet have that piece of paper yet, their  strictly uses organic cultivating methods.  Our farmers believe it's a sin to release chemical pesticides / fertilisers into nature.

In the meantime, we also conduct rigorous food grade tests via Eurofin for each batch of our products to ensure their purity (no heavy metal, radiation, alpha toxins residues acceptable).  

Spoiler... In our next phase, we are working on a transparency project to show how our mushrooms are grown and harvested. Stay tuned.

Yes, we are vegan and gluten-free.

Our products are made with pure mushrooms (other than Tao of shrooms, which contain other adaptogenic herbs like ginseng and astragalus).  Our production facility only handles herbal medicine and no animal products are produced there.  

We do not add any frou-frou fillers. Once the mushrooms complete the dual-extraction process, it goes straight to bottling. Our mushrooms are either wild harvested or organically grown on wood, not grain, and thus gluten-free.

One of the most important nutrient, which makes the mushrooms medicinal is beta-glucan, which is a type of polysaccharide.  And then each medicinal mushroom has it's own special ingredient which are usually variations of triterpenes.  Each mushroom have different levels beta-glucan and triterpenes present, and depending on the extraction levels and method, the beta-glucan levels can vary.  Detailed contents for each product is listed on the product page. See more here.

What gets absorbed matters more than what gets eaten. You can eat a ton of dried Reishi, and not absorbing any of the beneficial nutrients.  That is because the cell walls of medicinal mushrooms are made of chitin, and human don’t have the necessary enzymes needed to break down chitin during the digestion process.  Most medicinal mushrooms have no medicinal effect unless they are processed with correct methods to break down the chitin first. Therefore, do not buy fungus that are simply ground powder of the dried fungus.  

Our medicinal mushrooms are dual extracted, which means they are extracted through both hot water, and alcohol.  Hot water extraction is used to make water-soluble compounds bioavailable. Alcohol extraction is used to make fat-soluble compounds bioavailable.

This full-spectrum dual extraction ensure maximal bioavailability of our precious medicinal mushrooms, giving your hard-earned money full return.

Since we are crazy about quality, we want to source the mushrooms from where they are originated historically.  The original location's climate for the mushrooms are most optimal for their growth, and thus producing the most potent mushrooms.  Through our studies, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, all originated from China.  Turkey Tail grows abundantly in the Asian forests, as well as North America and Europe.  Chaga originated from the Siberian forests. And that's where we went to hunt them down.  

Chinese have been wild-harvesting, cultivating mushrooms for medicinal use for centuries, and have perfected the growing methods. All of our cultivated mushrooms are grown on Basswood, unlike most of the mushroom farms in other countries that uses grain.  Mushrooms grown on logs are closest to their natural growing environment, which then results in mushrooms fruiting bodies with higher concentration of bio-active compounds.

Our supplier has been working in the industry for half a century, and we have been working with them for over 10 years.  At Holy Shrooms, our team are permaculture and organic farming fanatics. And therefore, the farming methods of our raw ingredients are very important to us. Our team have worked with our supplier and farmers continuously to improve their cultivation methods and production methods as the climate changes, and as our technologies change.  Organic certifications aren’t important to us, due to the rising unethical business practices going on in the certification processes.

And of course, we only want to work with farmers who truly loves nature and has a passion for the beautiful fungi.

I wish!… Just kidding.  Medicinal mushrooms differ from hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms (commonly called magic mushrooms), even though studies have been showing some medicinal properties of psilocybin mushrooms.  Psilocybin, which is converted quickly into Psilocin by human body after consumption, is the main psychoactive and mind altering compound. None of our medicinal mushroom products contain psilocybin.   So, don’t worry, Holy Shrooms products won’t get you high.

We choose not to list our extraction ratios because we do not believe that is a true reflection of the concentration of the bio-active compounds.  First of all, there are differences in qualities in the raw mushrooms, and the concentration of polysaccharides already differ.  For example, mycelium cultivated on grain have very little  to none beta-glucan compare to wild harvested or wood grown mushroom fruiting bodies.  Therefore, even having the same extraction ratio, the later would have much higher concentrations in beta-glucan or polysaccharides. Therefore, we chose to list the percentage of polysaccharides and other bio-active compounds present in the extraction pounder to clearly show you the concentration.   


Yes, definitely.  We encourage you to mix our products and be your own alchemist (and share your recipes please). By mixing different mushrooms, you can take full advantages of the functions they have.  For example, if you want to boost your energy and also improve your neuroplasticity, you can take Double Cordyceps and Pure Lion’s Mane together.  

There are studies show that certain medicinal mushrooms have entourage effects when used together, meaning their effects emplifies because of the synergies between the bioactive compounds from different mushrooms.

Even though we hope everyone in the world uses herbal medicine to maintain their health and is at homeostasis, so their body can heal on their own,  sometimes prescription medication is the best option at that moment. We do not recommend using Holy Shrooms products if you are taking antibiotics, blood sugar regulating medication (diabetes medication), anticoagulant, or intravenous glucose due to antagonistic properties of medicinal mushrooms.  

Most of our medicinal mushrooms are immune modulators, and will be fighting the same fight as with antibiotics, but not exactly using the same methods, which could cause conflicts. Most of our medicinal mushrooms have blood sugar modulating properties and can interfere with diabetes medications, and have serious complications. Please do consult a licensed naturopath/homeopath doctor, or your health practitioner if you are taking those medications.

Each one of our body is special.  We have different body make ups, stress levels, hormone levels, etc., which all influence the effects of the medicinal mushrooms on us.  At Holy Shrooms, we don’t recommend that you take any of the medicinal mushrooms while you are pregrant/nursing. However, there are ancient traditions in China, where expecting women incorporate Reishi in their diets to boost immunity in both mom and baby, and for stress management.  There are studying being done, and we recommend pregnant moms to do more research on this topic and discuss with your medical practitioner about incorporating medicinal mushrooms in your routine.

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