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Healing benefit

NEUROPROTECTIE, NEUROREGENERATIVE - A variety of diterpenes and sesterpenes found in the fruiting body of lion’s mane are the focus of pharmaceutical studies.  It is demonstrated that these compounds can pass through blood-brain barrier easily and have neuroprotective and even neuro-regenerative properties.  Study shows patients demonstrating increased level of Neuro Growth Factor.

IMPROVE COGNITIVE FUNCTION AND MEMORY – Another reason lion’s mane is such a potent nootropic is that it can possibly improve cognitive functions in patients suffering from cognitive impairment resulting from Alzhermer’s, Parkinson’s or other nerve injury.  The bioactive compounds in lion’s mane showed significant improvement in spatial short-term and visual recognition memory. 

ENHANCE IMMUNITY - The immunoactive polysaccharides in lion’s mane such as beta-glucan, alpha-glucan and glucan-protein complexes enhances immune systems.  At the same time, these polysaccharides also demonstrates anti-oxidative properties to protect cells from going rogue. 

ALLEVIATE DEORESSION AND ANXIETY – Lion’s mane mushroom was used in a clinical test to reduce the symptoms of menopause, such as loss of concentration, irritability, palpitations and anxiety.  Beta-glucan in the mushroom also helps reduce inflammation and thus reducing a cohort of symptoms attributed to inflammation such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.

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