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BALANCE HORMONE– Because Reishi is an immune modulator, it also has the effect to balance hormone.  One of the triterpenes, Ganoderic Acid, is a plant sterol and acts as a precursor to hormones in the body.  It helps the body to adapt to the potential amount of hormone and thus aiding in achieving homeostasis.  It acts as a precursor to hormones.

ANTI-ANXIETY, ANTIDEPRESSION -The triterpenes, including the Ganoderic Acids, which has similar molecular structure to steroid hormones.  Reishi also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins C, D, B (including pantothenic acid), which is essential to adrenal glands and nerve functions. These bioactive compounds give reishi it’s grounding, calming adaptogenic qualities.  They help our body adapt to its environment and regulate to achieve its most optimal function.  As an adaptogen, it helps the body to adapt naturally to the effects of anxiety, fatigue, stress, and trauma on our mind, body and spirit.  Synergistically, Reishi helps moderate sleep disorders and insomnia.

ANTI-DIABETIC – Recent studies has proven 4 distinct polysaccharides in Reishi, including Beta-1,3-glucan helps regulate and stabilize blood sugar level. They are found to be active in down-regulating hepatic glucose enzyme mRNA levels and improve insulin resistance.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Inflammation is a hot topic.  Modern science had attributed many illness to inflammation.  It is your body’s first alert and response to infections, toxins, chemical imbalance and physical injuries.  If inflammation is not treated, they lead to more serious chronic illnesses.  Chronic inflammation can even cause DNA damage and thus leading to cancer.

ENCHANCE IMMUNITY, ANTIVIRAL AND ANTIMICROBIAL –Reishi is an immune potentiator, which means that it helps to improve the immune system functions regardless whether the immune system is deficient or excessive.  In other words, Reishi helps to modulate/regulate the immune system while it is excessive (in cases of auto immune diseases), as well as stimulating the immune system while it is deficient.  Ganoderic Acid also showed properties of moderating allergies and allergic reactions associated with asthma by inhibiting the histamine release, and improve oxygen utilization. 

CANCER FIGHTING – Reishi itself isn’t able to kill cancer cells, but it activates the body’s own defence system and cancer fighting abilities.  Laboratory studies suggest that Reishi mushrooms has antioxidant properties which defends our DNA and can enhance immune response, and thus help the body fight rogue cancer cells. The polysaccharides and triterpenes in Reishi are key to fighting cancer.  Beta-glucan may suppress cancer cell growth and spread while triggering the immune system to respond.  The triterpenoids inhibits metastases by limiting cancer cell attaching to endothelial cells.  Many countries have been testing Reishi as a cancer treatment support, as it helps to alleviate the symptoms of chemotherapy like lowered immune system and nausea.

LIVER PROTECTION – Liver is our body’s cleaner.  Without proper functioning liver, the body will be drowned in toxins.  The triterpenes specific to Reishi called Ganoderic Acids has hepatoprotective function, which protects the liver from damage.  This is part of Reishi’s adaptogenic property.  When the body is able to detoxify, it brings the body closer to a balanced state.

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